Irmandy Wicaksono


Graduate Student

MIT Media Lab


M.Sc. ETH, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology,

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland

B.Eng., Electronic Engineering,

University of Southampton, Southampton, UK



Before joining the Conformable Decoders group, Irmandy spent most of his Masters research project on multi-modal sensors and intelligent textiles at the Wearable Computing Lab, ETH Zurich. He conducted his Master thesis work at the Responsive Environments, MIT Media Lab on a fabric-based sensate media as a musical instrument. He has previously worked in several companies and institutions such as StudioXO, Atmel, and KAUST, in the area of fashion technology to consumer electronics.

His current interests include unconventional electronics for ubiquitous sensing, actuation, and energy harvesting, particularly the development of flexible and stretchable devices and systems for novel applications, ranging from health monitoring and therapy, activity recognition, to human-computer interfaces.