Our is vision is to convert the patterns of nature and the human body into beneficial signals and energy

We believe that we live in an ocean of physical patterns: heartbeats, respiration, muscle movements, neural activity, tidal waves, airflow, ambient humidity, temperature change. These patterns contain information–coded messages–that needs to be excavated, refined, and defined; to do so, we need sophisticated interfaces to effectively access and evaluate such information. The Conformable Decoders group explores novel materials, device designs, and fabrication strategies to create micro- and nanoscale electromechanical systems with mechanically adaptive features, which allow intimate integration with the objects of interest. These systems enable us to collect and convert essential patterns into beneficial forms in order to gain insights into our world, and enhance interactions with nature and each other.


Our long-term mission is to shape the minds of young people who will drive the future. They must be logically brave and firmly fair; they must speak kindly, think deeply, live simply, and generously love their science; and they should seek to design economically feasible and socially desirable futures for all. Our short-term mission is to have a vigorously beating heart to pursue our dream projects every single day.